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Ruthless TV is a group of friends with a common goal, to bring you the very best coverage from Tattoo Conventions, to show you the coolest Tattoo Studios and to interview those that make it all happen.

Our Ruthless TV production team is small and dedicated to releasing as much Ruthless TV content as we possibly can.

So stay tuned to Ruthless TV on your favourite Social Media channel or just cruise by the Ruthless TV Website we promise there will always be something fresh for your viewing pleasure.

Ruthless TV Tattoo Aftercare Dr Pickles Tattoo BalmDr Pickles Ruthless TV Tattoo Aftercare
Ruthless TV Video Magazine About Us
Ruthless TV is an Australian based Video Magazine dedicated to bringing you the very best coverage of Australian Tattoo Conventions, Tattoo Studios and Tattoo Artist Spotlights and Interviews.

The Australian Tattoo community is a fast paced and vibrant community of amazing artists, innovative brands and dedicated distributors.

Australian Tattoo Artists shine through, what can only be described as, an amazing Tattoo Convention scene in Australia.

Nurturing talent and embracing an ever changing industry, Ruthless TV will bring you the back room interviews, the candid moments and the stories you need to know.

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